Spare change

Rain started to pour. Tom watched it splatter on the pavement, dripping into existing puddles, running down the sides of cars parked on the street. People walked past quickly, their backs hunched against the onslaught of rain splattering into their faces and drenching their woolen jumpers. The sky rumbled above, its twisted face a mass of grey and black clouds.

Hours later it was still raining. Tom had started to get a bit wet now. The front of the store had provided some protection from the weather, but the direction of the wind had now changed, and the little droplets had started to splatter on his hair and face. He supposed he should find somewhere else to sit, but he stayed sat where he was anyway. The majority of people had gone home now. Only a few cars remained on the street, and most shops had their metal shutters pulled down.

Tom saw a woman in the distance on his side of the road. As she got closer, he became nervous. She was very pretty, exactly the type of girl that Tom would go for under different circumstances. He didn’t want to have to speak to her; he felt embarrassed. But he will anyway.

‘Any spare change please?’ He held out his hat.

She didn’t even look at him. Sitting back against the shop wall, Tom stared at the rain dripping into the puddles once again.


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