A Dog’s Life

‘Don’t ruin this for the both of us,’ I thought, looking over at Bella. I balanced the treats on my nose as Bella looked on, her tongue lolling out of her mouth, her tail wagging ferociously. Mick kept putting more and more treats on my nose and I felt my tail begin to involuntarily shake. This was the last one. He only ever did 6, it was his favourite party trick when people came round. I waited, the smell of the treats making my mouth water.

‘Ok, you can have them,’ he said to me, and looked on proudly as I let the crunchy pieces fall to the floor and snapped them up in my jaws. Bella licked up a few too.

Mick then brought his guests into the lounge. Bella trotted in after them, and as soon as all the guests were sat, she placed herself underneath Mick’s feet. I walked in more slowly, having spent a bit more time licking the floor where the treats had been. There were about 4 of them in there, and I made the rounds, going from person to person, letting them stroke my head. I looked over at Bella. She was softly leaning against Mick’s legs.

I decided to get comfy. I walked around in a circle a few times before plonking myself down in the centre of the room. Mick and the other humans looked at me adoringly and I sighed loudly, letting my breathing relax me, provoking coos from my captive audience.

My ears pricked up. I had heard something at the door. I heard a growl rumble at my throat. Yes, I had definitely heard voices by the door. They might be coming in! I let out a loud bark, and Bella joined in. This might be serious! I barked again, warning the intruder that they wouldn’t make it very far.

‘Shut up Rory, shut up Bella!’ Mick roared. I carried on listening for the voices, but they seemed to have gone. I looked over at Mick. He looked angry, he didn’t understand the danger we were just in. I put my head on my paws sadly. My efforts to protect our pack were never appreciated.

You probably wouldn’t believe it, but sometimes it’s hard being a dog.